What is "Aero Pioneer Times"?

Aero Pioneer Times is a simple concept. Gather and archive in chronological format as much (aviation) news that we were able to find from across the United States, which included international aviation news, and present it as it was written the day it printed. Using the exact same format, newspapers, we have preserved many stories that had not seen the light of day since the day they were written and published 100+ years ago.

All 36 editions of Aero Pioneer Times will follow the events, men, women, machines and record breaking moments as they were reported and the direct quotes of the intrepid birdmen (and birdwomen) as they soared into history.

What made us think of doing "Aero Pioneer Times"?

One road often leads to another, and another. The same was true with Aero Pioneer Times. In a search for the smallest of details on Calbraith (Cal) Rodgers and the flight of the Vin Fiz, the first transcontinental flight of 1911, it became apparent that nearly anything to do with flying, airy-o-planes and birdmen was top headline news. Most often, every day of 1911 something was written about this latest fad and novelty.

Armed with a library of original newspapers (all 100 years old) and a massive wealth of aviation news clippings it occurred to us that this historic information needed to be shared. But how? Thoughts of a book, series of magazine articles covering the top highlights all came to mind. Because of the sheer volume and elaborate details these century old reporters presented it became obvious, allow the reader the same opportunity the reader of 100 years ago had. Turning page by page, albeit more quickly that the original reader was able to, you are whisked back 100 years and into tales of flight from record breaking moments of flights of 30 minutes to record breaking heights of 1,000 feet.

Why 1911, 1910 or even 1909? Why are THEY so special?

1911 was a remarkable year. Maybe more firsts in aviation occurred this one year than had been or since then. First "aircraft carrier" landing in January 1911 all the way to Cal Rodgers landing at Long Beach, California in December, the year was packed with new higher, faster and utilitarian firsts (mail delivery for example).

January 1911 the world awoke to the news that the two leading birdmen, famous worldwide had perished New Year's eve 1910. John B. Moisant and Arch Hoxsey both having crashed and died from the injuries, the news splashed across every city's headlines. But who were these men and how did they reach their legendary heights? The search for more aviation news about these flyers (and others) was on. To take one step forward, we took two steps backward. Aero Pioneer Times re-records these fearless flyers (all of them) exactly as it was printed, in the format it was taken.

Tidbit Information on Aero Pioneer Times.

This web site covers a lot of information. 36 months of history and is an ongoing project. We've created a "Tidbits" page, like a FAQ page but a little more. If you would like to learn more about Imagination Counts and Aero Pioneer Times, please click here: Tidbits