Ordering Aero Pioneer Times

January 1911 Edition - Featuring 3 major air shows!

This incredible 80 page newspaper, (4 sections of 20 pages each) is a testament to the headlines of the birdmen and women of January 1911. 3 major air shows are covered along with a list of historic firsts and records shattered. Follow day by day from the building of the landing platform on the US warship the Pennsylvania where Eugene Ely would make history by landing and taking off thus making the first carrier landing to Philip Parmalee setting an endurance record, this issue has it all.

The front page of this spectacular issue says it all, amazing! Order today, or even two copies, you'll want to save one for the next generation. 100 years from NOW they'll be talking about this 100 year project!

Each issue is $9.95 plus $5.95 postage. Individually wrapped and sealed and is shipped flat