Vintage Aviation Specials

January 1911 - Already praised by the National Air & Space Museum Senior Curator Dr. Crouch, this 400+ article, 80-packed pages with zero advertising has copies shipping across the country!

While supplies last we will include at no additional cost a FREE copy of the Vin Fiz Edition. Twenty-two pages and 200+ articles with 60 images, many images and news pieces not seen or published for over a century tells the story of Calbraith Perry Rodgers' epic flight from New York to California, including his taking the top prize of the Chicago International Aviation Meet in August of 1911.

February 1911 - We are currently in the transcription phase of what looks to be a 60+ page day-by-day historical record of the flights, men, women, machines and locations that helped shape the world of aviation. Pre-order the February 1911 edition and we'll will honor a 50% off the March 1911 Edition with no added postage costs! The preliminary layout of the March 1911 issue will be as hefty as the February 1911 issue is! Furthermore, moving deeper into the year 1911, aviation becomes even more newsworthy that we are already considering July 1911 - August 1911 and September 1911 as needing 2 issues per month to cover it all!

Pre-Order the February 1911 issue for $9.95 (+$5.95 S&h) and pay only $4.97 for March 1911!

Entire Year of 1911 - Don't want to wait and keep checking back for new release dates? Want to pre-order all 12 months of 1911 at a fantastic price? Here is your opportunity. We will waive ALL postage and shipping costs, a saving of $71.40!

We will ship the January 1911 (plus the Free Cal Rodgers ~ Vin Fiz Edition) immediately and the remaining 11 issues as they become availible. A $200.75 value for only $119.40.